The Bad News: The Australian Sports Commission has discontinued Active After School Communities.  This is the programme which funded our active after school sports programme.  

 The Good News:  In its place the commission has introduced "Sporting Schools"  which, according to the ASC website will commence in Term 3 2015.  Based on this information our Active Afternoon Sports Programme will not be offered until Term 3 when we hope to be successful in our application to participate within this new structure.  Please visit  for more information.  

 An excerpt from the website reads: 

Fostering a lifelong connection with sport

Sporting Schools brings schools and sports together to deliver quality sporting programmes and inspire primary students to develop a lifelong interest in sport.

An Australian Government initiative, Sporting Schools will develop a national network that links school and sport in new and innovative ways to engage with 850,000 Australian children, and encourage more of them to take part in sport-based activities.

In addition, Sporting Schools will fund sporting activities in more than 5,700 schools and provide access to a range of trained community coaches.

A key feature will be the use of National Sporting Organisation (NSO) endorsed sporting programs.

Sporting Schools will start in Term 3 2015. It is part of the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) and will build on the legacy and success of the Active After-school Communities (AASC) programme.

The new initiative will offer more flexible delivery options to enable schools to tailor a range of sporting programmes before, during or after school. It will also showcase the successful Playing for Life coaching philosophy.

Schools and sport is a critical partnership in achieving the aims of the programme and all Australian primary schools can be part of this initiative.

Sporting clubs and coaches delivering the initiative’s approved sports can also take part.

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