The Mission of the St Catherine’s Catholic College Library program is to support the curriculum of St Catherine’s Catholic College, and to provide students, teachers, and staff with access to current, adequate, and appropriate information resources and to ensure that they are effective users of information.

St Catherine’s Catholic College has libraries across the three campuses of Mercy, Loyola and Manresa. 

Mercy and Loyola (Primary) students have time allocated each week where their class comes in for library book borrowing.  Each student is required to have a library bag or folder to place their borrowed books in to protect them.  Prep and Year One students are allowed to borrow one book each week. Years Two to Years Six are allowed two to three books a week, depending on the classroom teacher’s requirements.

Mercy and Loyola libraries take part in library lunchtime activities. These activities range from quiet reading, robotics and time on the iPads to games such as chess, puppet theatre, Mobilo and colouring in.  The students love coming in to the library at lunchtime as it is a fantastic opportunity to mix with children from different year levels and classes.

A Scholastic Book Fair is held at each of the primary campuses, Mercy campus is in May and Loyola campus is in August.  These book fairs allow the families of St Catherine’s to purchase books, with commission of sales going back to the libraries to purchase new resources. The students look forward to this great event each year.

We also conduct a Book Swap during NAIDOC week.  The primary students are asked to bring in a favourite book that they are willing to part with, plus a gold coin donation.  They are then allowed to swap their book for another.  The proceeds of the Book Swap go to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

The library is also utilised for Homework Club, Parent Sessions and Staff training - a great resource for us all!

The library at Manresa Campus is central to implementing and supporting the curriculum in secondary. It boasts excellent facilities and ample space with lots of natural light for research, quiet reading or group collaboration. The library is an accessible and comfortable space that aims to provide stimulus for studying, thinking and reading. Our staff work closely with students to build skills in information literacy and establish best practice in research skills. As our school expands, so too will its library & resource centre.

Resources in a range of formats : print , electronic, video, to support the curriculum.  A growing range of fiction is available to engage students and promote literacy. The campus computer lab is connected to the library.

Library hours : 8.00a.m. – 3.45p.m.

In keeping with the scope of technology available to St Catherine’s Catholic College students and staff members, the libraries provide access to subscription databases. The library supports the Computer Acceptable Use Policy adopted by St Catherine’s Catholic College. To provide maximum accessibility to library materials and to encourage effective use of information, the St Catherine’s Library develops and maintains the school online library catalogue.

Students can access Destiny, the library catalogue, at school or from home via the Student Intranet.  Click this link and choose the Resources tab.

They can see what books you currently have checked out, search the catalogue and hold books they'd like to borrow.  To get started, ask your campus Librarian for your Patron Number.

Another great on-line resource is Britannica, which is an online encyclopaedia to which St Cath’s subscribe.  Much better than Google as it’s designed for schools, so targeted results and no inappropriate content.  It’s available via the Destiny site above. 

  1. click on the Catalogue tab,
  2. Library search.
  3. Type in the subject, title, or keyword for what you are searching for e.g. dinosaur
  4. Library search will bring up everything that we have available in the library about the topic.
  5. To access Britannica and our other databases, click One Search up in the right hand side.
  6. You will now see all the databases that Destiny is searching the databases.
  7. click on the Britannica record or any record that you are interested in.

Britannica is a great resource for homework help too.


Mercy Campus

69 Marathon Street
Proserpine QLD 4800
P:  (07) 4945 1081  F: (07) 4945 2075

Loyola Campus

96 Renwick Road
Proserpine QLD 4800
P: (07) 4945 1414  F: (07) 4945 1415

Manresa Campus

114 Renwick Road
Proserpine QLD 4800
P: (07) 4945 1630  F: (07) 4945 1415