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Covid-19 Resources

We thank our College families for your patience and understanding as we navigate this new look Term 2 of education. 

Our Townsville Catholic Education Office website has updated information regarding Covid-19 as well as learning at home advice and support service links.  

The following documents are guidelines for students and parents surrounding online learning and establishing daily routines for your child/ren at home.

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) website has information regarding the altered teaching and learning for teachers, schools, students and parents/carers relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. This website is constantly being updated, so be sure to check back for updates.  

Our Primary and Secondary Deputy Principals Meagan Folkers and Phil McIntosh have put together these helpful videos on how to support your child's learning at home as well as directions on where to go for their learning resources online.



If you require more support on how to access your child’s learning online, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


What is the Continuity of Learning Plan?

SCCC is committed to the continuation of academic, pastoral and where possible co-curricular programs. Our College platform runs on the Google suite of programs. Students will be required to check their email regularly throughout the day and access their class work through Google Classroom.

In Summary:

Primary Students -

  • Students will follow the daily timetable as outlined by their class teacher on Google Classroom
  • Teachers will monitor engagement and provide feedback on performance 
  • The vast majority of learning activities will be asynchronous (outside of lesson times, such as follow-up questions, meeting checkpoints and working on drafts).

Secondary Students:

  • Students will follow their normal daily timetable and access the lessons that they have on each day.
  • The required instruction and material will be found on the Google Classroom for that class
  • Engagement with learning can be both: 
  • synchronous (at the same time as the teacher and the class); and

  • asynchronous (outside of lessons times, such as follow-up questions, meeting checkpoints and working on drafts).
  • Teachers will monitor student engagement and provide feedback on performance.

  • IT support will be available to students throughout the day 

How will my child stay connected to the community and their House?

St Catherine’s Catholic College has established a ‘Community Connect’ page that is accessible through the student intranet.  On this page, students can find daily notices, messages from the College Leadership Team, weekly house challenges (the online cup), and other initiatives designed to ensure we remain connected throughout this time.  

How can I best support my child in their home-based learning?

Our Online Learning - Parent Guidelines outline how you can support both the College and your child throughout this time.  Where possible you can support them by:

  • Encouraging independence and resilience
  • Establishing a clear defined workspace for them to complete their learning
  • Invite them to share their learning with you
  • Be present but don’t ‘over-supervise’ them
  • Check-in with them at the start and at the end of each day. Ensure that they are set up for their days learning, and check that they have completed it at the end of the day.

If your child needs support with their learning throughout the day you can:

  • Encourage them to use the resources that they have available
  • Ensuring that they seek support from peers and staff
  • Help them set their routines for learning
  • Set clear expectations for them

What are the school's learning expectations for my child during this time?

St Catherine’s College has expectations that all students are accessing their work daily online.  We are happy to allow for some flexibility as to when the content is accessed as we acknowledge that many of our students (especially young ones) may need to work around parent and carers’ own routines.

Students must complete the set work, and if they cannot, they should email the teacher and inform them of the difficulty that they were having so that they can receive feedback and further support.

What are the school's online learning platforms and how does my child access it?

St Catherine’s College uses the Google Suite of programs, and these can be accessed via the College intranet, under the ‘learning - online learning’ tabs on the College website.

Will my child be assessed during this time?

Students will be notified of any summative assessments that are occurring throughout this time. There will be regular formative assessments set by teachers as part of students' everyday online classwork.  

What schedule should my child be following each day?

Students should be following their normal timetabled classes for each day (Secondary) and the classes outline by each teacher on the Google Classroom timetable (Primary).

How is the school supporting my child’s wellbeing during this time?

The College has online support available to students through the student intranet page. Students can also access support directly from their HG teacher, class teacher or their Pastoral Leader throughout this time. Again the best method to contact staff will be through email. The College is also setting up fitness sessions through the intranet, House activities and other challenges and initiatives throughout this time.

Will the school look for ways to improve the way it teaches online throughout this period?

The College will be looking for regular improvement throughout this time. While we appreciate that this is a new concept for parents, please understand that it is also a new concept for staff and one which they have had to learn and master in the space of three weeks.

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