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Parent Involvement

Parent Engagement Group

The St Catherine's Catholic College Parent Engagement Group exists to support the college and parent body. It provides an opportunity for parents to organise their resources and work together for the mutual benefit of our college community members

PEG is a group of parents who are interested in building a nurturing community through social activities and functions. This group aims to bring in guest speakers to support parents in raising their children from the foundation years to adulthood.

All parents are invited to attend at least one meeting each year. The main role of the PEG is to support the college to ensure the students and teachers have an ideal environment in which to learn. The day to day functions of the college is not the responsibility of the PEG. 

The PEG is a forum where the school community can discuss their values, hopes, and ideals for the college. A PEG will enhance its chances of success if it actively involves the school community in its management and decision making. Communication between all members of the school community is essential: the PEG, the School Principal, teachers, administration staff, students and interested members of the local community.

Meetings are held regularly on Monday evenings of Week 2, Week 6 and Week 10 each term. Please refer to the college calendar for exact. dates each year -

However, dates and venue can change if there is a necessity to accommodate other events. Election of office bearers takes place at the Annual General Meeting in February. The school newsletter and Facebook page are used to notify parents of any changes to scheduled meetings. 

As the PEG Association fundraising activities alternate each year, the PEG relies on the annual contribution from each family to ensure that additional resources can be made available for all the students. The PEG levy is contributed through the school fees account, which is sent out each term.

Any questions in regards to the PEG can be directed to the Principal or by email to If you have a gmail account you can use this email to join the meeting from home using google hangouts. Just make sure the PEG email is in your contacts and you will see the google hangout on your gmail screen when the meetings are in session.

Please contact the PEG or refer to the School Handbook for more information.

Parent Volunteers 2021

Catholic schools are all about family and therefore a sense of partnership between home and school is considered vital. When parents, carers, families and teachers share in the common vision of the school, the effectiveness of the school and the child’s experience is greatly enhanced.

St Catherine’s prides itself on being a welcoming and inclusive community and parents are strongly encouraged to become involved in the life of the school. Often by doing this, support networks and friendships are formed which enrich family life.

There are various ways in which parents and carers can become involved in our school community:

  • Parent-teacher communication
  • Voluntary support activities eg: tuckshop, library, excursions, SAKG
  • Classroom activities and celebrations
  • Attending school liturgies and events eg: sporting carnivals, Under 8’s Day
  • Parents Engagement Group
  • School Board
  • Other committees

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