Please download the appropriate form below and forward to the school. 
Enrolment queries, please email the college,  prspne@tsv.catholic.edu.au

We look forward to you becoming a part of the school community and together we will work at allowing your child to reach his or her full potential.


Our School handbooks are designed to make you more familiar with many of the procedures in our school and answer many of your frequently asked questions.If you have further queries, please contact the school.

Mercy Campus

69 Marathon Street
Proserpine QLD 4800
P:  (07) 4945 1081  F: (07) 4945 2075

Loyola Campus

96 Renwick Road
Proserpine QLD 4800
P: (07) 4945 1414  F: (07) 4945 1415

Manresa Campus

114 Renwick Road
Proserpine QLD 4800
P: (07) 4945 1630  F: (07) 4945 1415