Enrichment Programmes:

Students who require extra assistance with aspects of the curriculum receive support from our Inclusive Education Teachers. These teachers work in conjunction with the classroom teachers to ensure students are working to their maximum level with effective interventions as required.

Students who require extension receive support from the Learning Enrichment Activities Program.  This program runs in conjunction with the classroom programs to ensure these students are working at their potential. 

The Arts:

Students on Loyola Campus who display a high level of skill in the Arts are invited to attend the Mulkadee Youth Arts Festival in Townsville (Year 6 only).

Literacy - Students who show a talent for writing are invited to visit the Whitsunday Voices Youth Literature Festival in Mackay (Years 5 and 6).


Students with an aptitude for Maths are invited to take part in a variety of maths competitions.


Students can trial for a number of school representative teams which compete at district, North Queensland and Queensland levels. These trials take place during school time and students (with parental permission) are allowed time away from school to compete (Years 4/5/6).

Instrumental Music Program

Students can access Specialist Music Teachers for lessons in guitar, piano, drums, vocal, flute and violin. These lessons are arranged by parents in consultation with the Music Program Coordinator. Forms for enrolment are available at the Campus Office.


Robotics groups meet at lunchtimes to develop their programming skills.  This develops student’s coding skills along with problem-solving, encouraging teamwork and cooperation.

Community Service groups

Mini Vinnies (Year 5 and 6) - Students visit the Nursing Home with our Mini Vinnies group, once a term as part of the College’s social justice program.  Students are encouraged to use their gifts to benefit others.  Residents are entertained by a variety of performances from juggling and joke telling to poetry and piano playing.

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