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Student-centered collaborative curriculum

A successful and happy adolescence entails hundreds of conversations about what matters, who you are and what you stand for.” - Steve Biddulph

The 9@StCaths Program is an initiative, which aims to develop our students academically, spiritually, physically and psychologically. The students will gain ‘real world’ experiences pushing them outside their comfort zones, widening their understanding of the world and preparing them with knowledge and skills to rise to the challenge of their lives and achieve academic, personal and career success. Logistically, the program includes a real-world project each term, which can be used for assessment in a number of subjects including English, Humanities, Religion, Pastoral Care and more... 

What we know……..  

Year 9 can be stuck between the enthusiasm of the junior students and the importance of senior schooling.

"Generally Year 9 is seen to be the year where the purpose of schooling is least clear and the goal of engaging all students is the most challenging," says researcher and policy analyst Peter Cole, from PTR Consulting.

By Year 9, students have had 10 years of education and the repetition of the same old style lessons can leave a 14-year-old cynical about their learning. 

Students at this age are particularly engaged when looking at areas that make a difference in the community, connect with the wider world, enable reflection on the self-journey and value and respect communication.

Students prefer active rather than passive learning and they are far more likely to do well when they are interested and passionate about what they are learning. So 

So we do........

A program designed specifically to meet the needs of developing adolescents. 

Develop skills based on the key themes of Passion and Purpose, Entrepreneurship, Intercultural Understandings, and Personal and Social Capability. 

Support students to explore these themes across the year through a rite of passage framework, making this program unique to St Caths. 

Present a challenging curriculum that will be fundamental in helping students to discover their potential.

Provide a program that will hold them in great stead for their transition to senior school, as well as their transition to post-school pathways.

Term 1


Who am I? 

Who do I want to be?

Students experience a number of physical and mental challenges that push them outside their comfort zone to build their sense of self and self-confidence. Development of values and skills. Some of the challenges students will experience this term include a camp run by ‘Rites of Passage’.

Term 2


How do I act based on my values and beliefs

Students develop an understanding of personal, community and global viewpoints and how these shape one’s choices. This is demonstrated through their creation of a product and sales at an Entrepreneur Fair which powerfully impacts their own community.

Term 3


My role in the world - being an ethical citizen.

Students are exposed to the wider world, gaining an understanding of national and global issues and how they as individuals and as a group can play an important part in contributing to the world. This term includes a trip to Canberra.

Term 4


Becoming the best version of me I can be.

This term focuses on developing leadership skills. Students experience opportunities to lead their peers in a range of circumstances; providing them with essential leadership skills. The term will culminate in ritualising their Year 9 experience.


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28 Jan

We are in week 8 of school holidays
Term 1 starts Monday 07 February 2022