"Preparing students to self-manage their career development life journey"

St Catherine’s Catholic College acknowledges that “Career education encompasses the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes through a planned program of learning experiences in education and training settings that will assist students to make informed decisions about their study and/or work options and enable them to participate effectively in working life and that Career education should be: intentional, developmental, comprehensive and available to all students.”

Department of Education and Training DET (2011) “Career Education” retrieved from http://education.qld.gov.au/students/service/career/

St Catherine’s Catholic College- Careers Advisor

The Careers Advisor offers specialised careers support.  Students of Years 9-12 are welcome to access this service to explore and plan possible careers and pathways.  Work experience is also arranged via the Careers Advisor. 

Career Education Program

The career education program commences formally in Year 10, where students are introduced to career options, pathways, resume preparation and job interview training.  There is also a particular focus on helping students make informed subject choices regarding their career pathways in Year 11 and 12.

Department of Education and Training DET (2011) “Careers and Transitions Policies and Frameworks” Retrieved fromhttp://education.qld.gov.au/students/service/career/transitions.html

Comprehensive information is available on the St Catherine's careers website as well as many activities for students to assist with career and further education decision making.


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