Learning  Support and Enrichment

Students who require extra assistance with aspects of the curriculum receive support from our Learning Enrichment Team. This team work in conjunction with the classroom teachers to ensure students are working to their maximum level.

Students who require extension receive support from the Learning Enrichment Department.  This team work in conjunction with the classroom teachers to ensure these students are working at their  potential.


Enrichment program teachers assist non-English speaking background students (NESB) in timetabled ESL classes. Lessons focus on English language skills required for academic learning in various curriculum areas.

Sports Excellence Program

Sport plays an enormous part of many students’ schooling lives and all too often highly-skilled students are left to pursue their sporting talents beyond the school gates. At St Catherine’s students have the chance to be selected and participate in the excellence program. The Sports Excellence Program is an elite school club which is offered to students on Manresa Campus. The Sports Excellence Program endeavors to help students achieve existing sporting goals and provide support for them to reach new achievements. Sports Excellence Programs are offered at many prestigious schools throughout Australia and prove to be an outstanding opportunity for students. 

What is a Sports Excellence Program?

A Sports Excellence Program is a selective program for students in secondary school who are very interested in extending their sporting achievements. Many students are dedicated to success through sport and often spend many hours each week improving their fitness and skills. This program is aimed at supporting their efforts and encouraging them to continue to pursue their goals through the confusing time of adolescence.

The program is an opportunity for students to train, learn more about the psychology of their bodies, be guided and motivated to achieve success and identify ways that they can prepare themselves for upcoming sports competitions. The program focuses on assisting students in setting sporting goals and utilises a variety of training methods to improve fitness. Whilst partaking in the sports excellence program, students will be encouraged and motivated by guest speakers and high achieving athletes. The most important value that students learn in the program is that sport and exercise is fun.

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