The extra curricular programs offered at St Catherine’s Catholic College allow students to undertake new challenges and try new activities ranging across sport, music, art, drama, multimedia and community service.


This year we will have a junior choir on Mercy Campus.  Rehearsal time will be weekly from 1:00 - 2:00 on a Friday afternoon.  Please remember to discuss with your child that the choir is a year long commitment.  


Mercy Drama Club (Years 1, 2 and 3) is held from 3.00 -3.30pm on Wednesdays.  Interested students require a permission note, available from the office.

 ART CLUB - Imagination Factory

Mercy and Loyola Art Club, otherwise known as the Imagination Factory will commence in Term two on both campuses. The art club runs over two lunch breaks during the school day, with the students attending both sessions offered. There is no application process, the club is open to one year level per term. All that we are asking from the students, is that they come with voluntary enthusiasm and a willingness to participate during their own play time. Here is an example brief outline of who and when, with further details will be available at the beginning of each term for interested students.




Term 2

Year 3: Weaving

Year 6: Cardboard creations

Term 3

Year 2: French Knitting

Year 5: Pastel Play

Term 4

Year 1: Paper art and Craft

Year 4: Collage



The Australian Sports Commission has introduced "Sporting Schools"  which commenced in Term 3 2015.  Please visit  for more information.  


Catholic Schools have a traditional commitment to the Arts.  Instrumental music tuition was often a hallmark of Catholic Convent Schools. Today many Catholic Schools see the Arts and Instrumental Music tuition as an important enrolment drawcard.  The pursuit of learning to play a musical instrument is widely recognised as contributing to the cognitive, social and spiritual development of those involved. Through the SCCC Instrumental Music Programme students can access private music lessons within the school day in a variety of instruments including vocal, piano, guitar, flute, violin and drums.  If you are interested in your child participating, please pick up an expression of interest form at either Mercy or Loyola reception.

Available Documents

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Loyola Campus

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Manresa Campus

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