The Catholic Church has been educating children for centuries, as part of an ongoing commitment to providing a Catholic education to all, regardless of location, family background or financial ability. The first Catholic school opened in the Townsville Diocese in Bowen in 1872 and now more than 11,500 students attend the 30 schools and colleges,  of which St Catherine's Catholic College is one.

These schools are governed by the Townsville Catholic Education Office and/or Religious Institutes, and supported by the Diocesan Education Council. The Director of the Townsville Catholic Education Office reports to the Bishop of the Townsville Diocese who is also the Chair of the Diocesan Education Council. The Townsville Catholic Education Office is supported by the Queensland Catholic Education Commission. Catholic schools are accountable to their communities and State and Federal governments. Catholic schools are often the centre of a Parish and play a vital role in the wider communities in which they exist. Click here for information on Catholic schools.

SCCC School Board

The school board is a pastoral body consisting of parent members, the Principal, the Parish Priest and a staff member. Catholic Education boards were established primarily as a response to requests by parents to be more active participants in Catholic Schooling.  The function of the school board is to support the Principal and advise on matters of existing policy and in the formation of new policies. A sharing wisdom process of discernment is the basis of the Board’s decision making process. 

Parent members of the Board are elected for a two year period and are chosen for their faith dimension and specific talents such as financial expertise, pastoral wisdom, managerial experience, local knowledge.

The School Board is an open and effective body which welcomes any questions, comments, suggestions or ideas you may have.

Ex-Officio Members -  Fr Jose Koyickal, Sharyn Bell, David Burke

Parish Member - Chris Dray

Parent Members - Scott Reid, Alice Harriot, Karen Vloedmans, Nathan Blain (Chairman)

Teacher Members - Melissa Stagg, Erin Laguna

Co-opted Members - Kelso Greenwood (finance)

Mercy Campus

69 Marathon Street
Proserpine QLD 4800
P:  (07) 4945 1176  F: (07) 4945 2075

Loyola Campus

96 Renwick Road
Proserpine QLD 4800
P: (07) 4945 1414  F: (07) 4945 1415

Manresa Campus

114 Renwick Road
Proserpine QLD 4800
P: (07) 4945 1630  F: (07) 4945 1415

16 Feb

We are in week 3 of Term 1
There are 10 weeks in Term 1