Whitsunday Catholic Parish

If you are driving north, we are the southernmost parish of the Townsville Diocese. You cross the O'Connell River, about 20 km south of Proserpine, and you are in the boundaries of our parish and of our Diocese.

Our parish was founded in 1926, and today we have two churches. Saint Catherine's is located in Proserpine, and was built in 1957. It is a grand old church, and is open for visits during working hours.

Our second church is St Martin's at Cannonvale. It was opened in September 2002 - an exciting project, because we built it in partnership with the local Lutherans! Our church is also available to the Anglican Church and the Uniting Church who hold services here every Sunday. We are very proud of our church and its ecumenical implications.

Our parish is home for both the rural sugar-cane community of Proserpine, and for the carefree fun-loving tourist communities of "the Beach" (Cannonvale / Airlie Beach) and the Islands. It's a very exciting place, combining both the old and the new.

We have a Parish Team, and like to think we are a very hospitable and welcoming parish. If you are passing through, please stay and enjoy our hospitality.

Sacramental Program

Preparation for the Sacraments of Eucharist, Reconciliation and Confirmation is a Parish based program that is fully supported by the school. The school recognises the parents as the primary educators in developing the faith of children and of responding to the Baptismal promises made at the child's baptism.

Further information on the Sacramental program can be obtained by contacting the Parish.

Useful Links

Mercy Campus

69 Marathon Street
Proserpine QLD 4800
P:  (07) 4945 1176  F: (07) 4945 2075

Loyola Campus

96 Renwick Road
Proserpine QLD 4800
P: (07) 4945 1414  F: (07) 4945 1415

Manresa Campus

114 Renwick Road
Proserpine QLD 4800
P: (07) 4945 1630  F: (07) 4945 1415

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