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  • Would you like to join our 100yr celebration committee? Register your interest here

  • Playgroup is back!

  • Would you like to join our 100yr celebration committee? Register your interest here

  • Playgroup is back!



Music Lessons

Our Prep-Year 6 students take part in weekly Music lessons where they learn from listening, performing and composing songs. Our secondary students are able to choose Music as an Arts subject, that builds upon the foundations learned in their primary years. This includes learning about the elements of music comprising duration, pitch, dynamics and expressive techniques, structure, and timbre. Making in Music involves active listening, imitating, improvising, composing, arranging, conducting, singing, playing. comparing and contrasting. refining,  interpreting, recording and notating, practicing, rehearsing, presenting and performing. 

Instrumental Music Tutoring

IM QR CodeCatholic Schools have a traditional commitment to the Arts. Instrumental music tuition was often a hallmark of Catholic Convent Schools. The pursuit of learning to play a musical instrument is widely recognised as contributing to the cognitive, social and spiritual development of those involved. Through St Catherine's Instrumental Music Program, students can access private music lessons before, during, and after school in a variety of instruments including vocal, piano, ukelele, saxophone, djembe, guitar, flute, strings, and drums. These lessons are arranged by parents in consultation with the Instrumental Music Program Coordinator Betsy Atkinson. Please complete the following Instrumental Music Form by scanning the QR code. For a copy of the enrolment handbook, contact our administration offices via email


Junior Choir is for students from Year 1 to Year 4 and takes place weekly in the Music Room on the Primary Campus.


The Senior Choir is for students from Year 5 to Year 12 and takes place on our Secondary Campus.  Rehearsal time is weekly at first break on Tuesdays.  Students who nominate to be part of the choir must ensure they attend on a weekly basis.  

Music Groups

  • Music Showcase Concerts - showcase instrumental and music students
  • Instrumental Showcase Recitals
  • Vocal Group
  • St Catherine's Catholic College Band
  • St Catherine's Catholic College Choir
  • Strings Ensemble
  • Djembe Group
  • Ukelele Group
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Mackay Eisteddfod in October