St Catherine’s Catholic College currently accepts enrolments for students from Prep to Year 12. We still have limited vacancies across the year levels Kindy, Prep and year levels 1 to 12 for the 2018 school year.  For enrolment queries over the holiday period, please email the college principal,

You are welcome to download the appropriate form below and forward to the same email address. We look forward to you becoming a part of the school community and together we will work at allowing your child to reach his or her full potential.

Potential applicants for enrolment are encouraged to contact the school for a tour of the College and its facilities. Offers for entry are subject to an interview with the College Principal or a member of the College Leadership Team. If you wish to proceed with an enrolment for your child please fill in the enrolment form attached and return it to the school office. Please note that a child is not automatically enrolled on the return of an enrolment form or after an interview. You will be advised if the application has been successful as soon as possible.

Please include the following with your enrolment application:

  • Your child's Birth Certificate
  • Your child's Baptismal Certificate
  • The most recent report card if your child is applying for Years 2 - 12

Enrolment applications can be submitted via email to, posted or delivered to the school office.  Enrolment queries may also be directed to this email address.

Postal address

St Catherine’s Catholic College
PO Box 372

Ph: +61 7 4945 1176 (Prep to Year 3)
Ph: +61 7 4945 1414 (Year 4 to Year 6)
Ph: +61 7 4945 1630 (Year 7 to Year 12)

Mercy Campus

69 Marathon Street
Proserpine QLD 4800
P:  (07) 4945 1176  F: (07) 4945 2075

Loyola Campus

96 Renwick Road
Proserpine QLD 4800
P: (07) 4945 1414  F: (07) 4945 1415

Manresa Campus

114 Renwick Road
Proserpine QLD 4800
P: (07) 4945 1630  F: (07) 4945 1415

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